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Pre history of Cumbria and the Lake District.The stone circles of the Lake DistrictNeolithic man and the stone circles of Cumbria and the Lake DistrictDruids and pagan relgion in Cumbria and the Lake District.


Oddendale Stone Circle Cumbria

Welcome to the EDGE Guide to the stone circles of Cumbria.

Oddendale Stone Circle, Near Shap in Cumbria.

Nearest Towns: Appleby, Penrith & Kirkby Stephen.
Location: NY 592129 Sheet 91.

You will most likely visit Oddendale when looking at the Iron Hill and Castlehowe Scar stone circles. It is approached along the same lane as the Iron Hill circles.

Oddendale Stone Circle is another example of a concentric stone circle (see Gunnerkeld). The outer circle consits of 34 low laying stones and measures approx' 30m at its widest section. Within is the raised smaller circle made up with still smaller stones.


A map of stone circles in the Lake District and Cumbria.