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Ennerdale Water in the Lake District

Welcome to the EDGE Guide to Ennerdale Water in Cumbria.

Ennerdale Water. The Lkae District and Cumbria.

Length: 2.5mls/4km.
Nearest towns:

Whitehaven W on the B5295 via Cleater Moor, 9mls/15km.
Workington NW on the A596 via a compicated route, 12mls/20km.
Cockermouth N on the A5086, 13mls/21km.

Location map

At the western end of this lonely lake is a vista of the broad plain of West Cumbria towards Whitehaven and Workington.

At the eastern end the landscape couldn't be more different: the magnificent crags and fells rise sharply into the heavens.

A path along the northern shore of the lake is the favoured path to the great Pillar.

Despite the close proximity of the towns of Egremont and Cleator Moor the lake is less visited than it should be.

The views are tremendous and the absence of public roads along the lakeside add to the peaceful appeal of this wonderful place. The downside is that the access roads are minor, unnumbered, twisting and sometimes difficult and slow to negotiate. But you should not let this put you off visiting.

Ennerdale Water, the Lake District and Cumbria.


It is possible to walk round the whole lake though those of a nervous disposition may not want to test the path along the southern shore under Anglers Crag: a foot wrong here may land you in trouble.

Pillar is best approached from Ennerdale, but it is not the only peak within reach: there are several others for those who want a more rugged experience.


On the eastern side of the Lake District between Crummock Water to the north and Wast Water to the south.

Map of Ennerdale Water

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